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11/06/2015 News

11/06/2015 News

Postby ALostEt3rnity » November 6th, 2015, 7:42 pm

What better way to start off the news than with JETPACKS?!?!

Turns out babies are cunning little snakes

Turn's out the movie Baby Genius's was a documentary


I have no idea what makes it a "giga" factory, but it sounds friggin' awesome.

First they sold your personal information, now it's your genes?

I'm calling it now, our first-born children are next in line.

The biggest difference between organisms and computers is....

organisms don't have driver errors if you swap out their parts.

Turns out sticking probes in people can make them smarter!

Sticking them in the wrong places might make you dumber, so I recommend leaving the probing to a professional.

What's cheaper than Chinese child labor?

Robots, that's what.

Soon, you may never need to check your email

Just leave it to google to order that male-enhancement pill the generic, white-sounding women keep emailing you about.

Self-driving cars getting better by the day

Studies show this is positively correlated with the stupidity of their owners. Source - all those ridiculous Youtube videos of people sitting in the back seat with auto-pilot on.

A breathalyzer for cancer?

TBH, I only posted this because of the picture of the woman in the background. LOL

Now, in gaming news....

WTF, A Ghost in the Shell live-action featuring Scarlett Johannsen?

This sounds like a terrible idea. But at least there will be fan service.

LOL, a terrible Easter egg in the new Trails in the Sky game

Speaking of Trails in the Sky and terrible

Jesus, this game was a plague on the porting team. First time I've heard of a developer almost going suicidal over a game. I'm glad they stuck it out, though!

For all you Halo Fanbois

Here's a nerdgasm, on the house.

How do you like your meat, ma'am?

Not smiling creepily at me, first of all.

Most popular game on the planet gets a complete revamp

There's no better time to jump ship!

Who better to pilot a mechwarrior than a baby?

Your enemies will never see it coming.

More Fallout 4 hype

Like there wasn't enough already.

Jesus, the gaming news lately has been dismal. Probably the post-E3 effect or something.
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