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Os-tans are anime personifications of operating systems as girls. Another name for it them is OS-girls. It all started with Windows ME (Millennium Edition) which was one of Microsoft's worst products, unstable & prone to frequent crashing.
So some random guy in Japan working at futaba channel thought Windows ME was like a tempermental troublesome girl who did all kinds of stupid things that lacked common sense.  Well this dudes idea got out, it became an instant hit. People started making comics, figures, and even animations about ME-Tan.  After that, it just spread. Every new Windows version to come out got its own little OS-Tan that reflected how well the operating system worked.  Now days, every operating system has its own little character. Including MAC, and Linux.

To go into a little more detail, here are some of the girls personalities.  (Don't judge me. I just found this shit on google.)

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ME-tan: based on Windows ME. She is the clumsy type that often freezes at inappropriate moments.

XP-tan: based on Windows XP. She is the big-breasted character, mostly for being so memory hungry.

Win2K-tan: Based on Windows 2000 (pro. edition). The intelligent and professional in the bunch. Often seen as the guardian of ME-tan due to her stability.

Win98-tan: Based on Windows 98 and Windows 98 Second Edition, often together. Uses boxes as mecha and is seldom seen outside of them. They like to keep together.

Win95-tan: Based on Windows 95. The traditionalist, dressed in kimono and always wearing a sword to fight off everything from perverts to OS9-tan.

OS9-tan: The only mentionable Apple-based os-girl. She is often carrying either a bomb or an apple, depending on her mood.

The newest addition to the bunch is for Windows 7.  This is a special one because it is the first OS-tan marketed by the company producing the operating system. That being Microsoft.
Reports say that the first 7777 copies of Japanese Windows 7 Ultimate DSP editions include special wallpaper and sound set for a character called Nanami Madobe, voiced by Nana Mizuki. The premium set includes a Windows 7 theme featuring 3 Nanami wallpapers, 19 event sound sets, and a CD with 5 extra Nanami sounds.  Regular DSP edition includes a digest Windows 7 theme including a Nanami wallpaper, an event sound set; the preorder users can also download an extra Nanami wallpaper and 6 event sound sets.  In addition, the character also got its own Twitter account.

(A sound set is all the little sounds Windows makes. Like when you empty the recycling bin, or when ever you turn your computer on or off)


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