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Noob comes in two variations, noob and newb.

Noob is meant as an offensive term towards someone who is not nessicarily new, and quite often is directed at someone that is |somewhat| experienced but at the same time stupid/disruptive and/or totally incapable of learning.
A noob is almost always someone who thinks they're cool but obviously aren't. Also used in 1337speak.

Newb  is short for newbie, and is not meant to be offensive. newb merely states that the person in question is new to the game/board/whatever.

Noob -
Ralph: OMG I IS THE BEST!11!!one1!!! YUO ALL SUK!11! LOL!
Fred: noob.
Daniel: go home n00blet...

Newb -

Sam: Hey guys.  im a bit of a newb. can anyone tell me how to crouch?
Daniel: Sure, hold down shift and the C button.


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