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The Prince of Thousand Faces,
The Unforgiving Demon of /b/,
The Vindictive One.
You got the point?

The system that 4chan uses is Anonymous, so one can safely post one's opinion without worrying.  When one posts on 4chan, if he does not specify his name, then he will be displayed as anonymous.

Because 4chan is one of the few places where you can truly be anonymous, a lot of people let loose and turn into ass holes. That’s why “anonymous” has a reputation. Because of the anonymity, people have done some outrageous things like made bomb threads, hacked personal information and things of that nature. Most of the time any crimes that are committed by someone, they can just claim to be part of anonymous. Anons reputation grows, and 4chan gets a worse rep. but anonymous is not an army, or an underground group. Its just the name everyone gets if they have ever gone to 4chan.

The best quote that describes anonymous is “never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers.”


Anonymous is commonly portrayed as someone wearing a mask from V for Vendetta.


Evil fine print: Do not read this evil fine print because it is evil and that is bad. If you do accidentally read this fine print, do not worry. You will be ok... maybe.