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4chan is by far the creative hub of the internet. It is an image board that forces its users to be anonymous. So anyone can post anything.

Its community is so large that is very often spawns the best and worst of the internet every day.

a large majority of the memes you have ever seen like foul bachelor frog, advice dog, or stoner comics have all originated from 4chan. Then from there they trickle down to facebook, reddit, twiter and all the other sites you find things on.

Because the community is so large, it has quite a bit of negative history also. 4chans users have been blamed for terrorist bomb threats, website hacks, viruses, attacks on peoples personal information, protests, and even hacking sonys playstation database and stealing over 7 billion accounts.

4chan is very structured through. It has categories for all its boards that include literature, tv, technology, cooking, health and fitness, weapons, porn, photography, and many more. And all those boards are generally useful, and a decent place to be. But anything that does not fit into one of the categories falls down to the random thread. Also known as /b/.

The community in /b/ is where all the before mentioned stuff comes from. The memes and the hacking, its generally /b/s doing.

So 4chan is a good place, with its flaws as well. Much of the content on this site has come from there. So maybe you would want to look into it.


Evil fine print: Do not read this evil fine print because it is evil and that is bad. If you do accidentally read this fine print, do not worry. You will be ok... maybe.