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4chan's "Random" image board. A place where you go to become your inner asshole.  /b/ has toned down over the past few years and is not really just a random image board.  u will probably find some gore and disgusting pictures, but u get used to it after a wile.  looking for anything random, racist, stupid, or just out of the ordinary. then /b/ is your place.  unless u are looking for help. /b/ will not help u with your problems.

it is also where allot of pictures on this site come from.

1. A prominent member of 4chan's /b/ board. 
2. A mindless noob who invades innocent sites for fun.
3. A lover of furries and scat porn.
4. One who dwells in the asshole of the internets. (aka 4chan)


Evil fine print: Do not read this evil fine print because it is evil and that is bad. If you do accidentally read this fine print, do not worry. You will be ok... maybe.