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HELL YEAH, ROBOT WARS / Also, Hololens
 Wednesday 11/6/2015 Update


ALRIGHT! TOMARROW! or... in 14 hours from now.... saturday, 10 am central time, i will begin my day or 2 day long game stream / multi player evernt extravaganza in thank you for you niggers still being here! so i will be drinking, and playing and streaming from 10 am, and it will be all day. so come watch, come play. i have no idea where or how, just look me up on steam. "BeefGir" duh.

Welcome back everyone.

As some of you know, I was going to put the site to rest. The due date came up, and I didn’t know it until it was to late. They shut the site down, and where going to delete it unless we came up with $200. Well, I didn’t have $200 just laying around, so I was just going to let it die. After 10 years, it seemed like the best thing to do.
But then ALostEt3rnity stepped in and donated exactly what we needed. …. So now I have to keep the site going. YAAAAAY! So a big thank you to him. So, we will start getting this site back up and on track.



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