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HELL YEAH, ROBOT WARS / Also, Hololens
 Monday 7/13/2015 Update


Killernat here
i just counted it takes 11 clicks per picture to update so thats 220 clicks just to update the pictures.( if i dont have to do it 2 or 3 times)
sorry i was dead tired sunday night and forgot compleatly on monday to update
now handing it off to lost with the news

Meet the Mail Carrier of the Future

The only reason they can get away with this is because the country is tiny
Toshiba's 100 TB HDDs?!?!

(nat: my server could use another HDD)


The size of IBMs latest chipset, supposedly, effectively quadrupling the number of transistors possible on current size chips.

Computer program fixes old code faster than expert engineers

It even works at the binary level! This doesn't bode to well for jobs, though :/


Potential for more Earth-like planets than we originally thought?

Anything that improves that likelihood of interstellar travel is great news in my book.
New method for treating deafness

Works at the genetic level, which can address many more kinds and sources of deafness than before.
New and better wireless charging!

First they get gigabit cell networks, now this? Seems like the Koreans are light-years ahead of us in technology. And yes, I know light-years measures distance, not time, but if we apply vector calculus to space-time....
Invisibility cloaks that are better than invisibility cloaks?

In retrospect, Avatar would have been much cooler if it had light-benders
IBM supercomputer brings clean water access to 1bn people

I think it would have been cooler if they used the Deep Blue super computer to do it.
Spectrophotometers in your phone!

Now you too can scan all the things!

VR + Horror = soiled pants

I mean, I enjoy horror, but this will probably give me nightmares for weeks.

At this Science Exhibit, You Study Pokémon

What better way to teach kids about evolution than through Pokemon?
A Giant Gundam statue is being built in Hong Kong

And all we've got in Chicago is a stupid bean.
2015 Summer Anime

All you need to know is everything but Gate and Overlord are a waste of time
Since we're on the subject...

Best thing i've seen since the inception of anime, hands down
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